Educational Services


Elite Endoscopy Services provides maintenance suggestions and training for endoeye, flexible, and rigid endoscopes.

We make available valuable information in the proper handling and maintenance of your endoscopes. This is when having skilled technicians, who have been in the endoscopy business is so important and valuable, to assist you in understanding your endoscope.


Elite Endoscopy Services focuses on helping your team, whether you’re the hospital material manager, sales representative, or part of a development team, in preventative measures, including demonstrations and explanations on what causes the most common repair problems.


Our training program also includes a detailed review of suggested handling and processing techniques to minimize the possibility of incidental damage. We have included a short description and key points on how to leak test, the importance of the autoclave when dealing with endoeyes, damage done by fluid invasion, and photos of what happens when scopes are handled incorrectly.

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