Your company might know the name, Elite Endoscopy Services because of our Endoeye repair capabilities and our high customer satisfaction in turnaround time, quality, and pricing.

But our services of endoscopy repairs go beyond Endoeyes, it extends into flexible repairs, rigid repairs, and camera head repairs, including all major and minor details in repairing these types of endoscopes.

Elite Endoscopy Services offers the same outstanding services with each of these endoscopy repairs. But services should not end with the repairs. Excellent service in endoscopy repairs include: reliable and friendly customer service that work with your company to meet your endoscopy needs, endoscopy repair quotes done with accuracy, access to information that teaches proper technique for handling your endoscopes, and technicians that do not cut corners and are highly trained in each type of endoscope repair.

All of these services define our company ‘Elite’ Endoscopy Services.


Did you know you have a choice when it comes to Endoeye repairs? Have you been satisfied with the quality, turn-around time, and pricing from your current endoeye repair facility? If the answer is no, why not send your endoeye to us and see why companies are changing over to Elite Endoscopy Services for their repairs. We do not outsource your endoeyes, we have the equipment, parts, and technicians to keep all endoeyes maintained and working exceptionally.


EndoEye repairs require state of the art repair facilities and a technician who was been trained specifically for this type of scope.  Elite Endoscopy Services has both the facilities and the technicians whose specialty is EndoEye repairs, including High Definition EndoEyes.

The Rigid Video Laparoscope EndoEye and Flexible Video Laparoscopes EndoEye, are in a category of their own and we understand this difference.


Elite Endoscopy Services began with flexible endoscopy repairs, and Flexibles still remains our top repair, both locally and internationally.

Our technicians have over 15 years of experience in these repairs and they know how to make sure your flexible endoscopy repairs are up to OEM standards every time.

No matter what flexible repair is needed, whether it is a bending rubber replacement or CCD chip repair, we offer what you are looking for, quality in all our parts, fast turnaround time, and prices that fit your budget.


Elite Endoscopy Services repairs all models and manufacturers of rigid endoscopes for your convenience. Our rigid repair department has experienced technicians who are veterans in repairing rigid endoscopes. Our technicians know every intricate detail of the different rigid endoscope models, leaving no guess work, but performing repairs done with excellence from start to finish.

Elite Endoscopy Services combines this expertise with state- of -the -art testing and repair equipment, leaving you with rigid repairs done with precision. Your approval and satisfaction are important to us, as we go above and beyond for all your Rigid endoscopy repairs.


Looking for someone to service your camera heads?

At Elite Endoscopy Services we know that no other device is as critical to the success of endoscopy procedures as the video camera.

Elite Endoscopy Services offers laser welding, cable replacements, and complete overhaul of cameras, including HD.