Flexible Endoscope Repair

With flexible endoscopy repair companies everywhere it is important to find a reliable endoscopy company that does not cut corners in flexible repairs.

Elite Endoscopy Services began with flexible endoscopy repairs and we make sure your endoscopy repairs are up to OEM standards every time, whether it is a bending rubber replacement or CCD chip repair. We offer what you are looking for, quality in all our repairs, fast turnaround time, and prices that fit your budget for flexible endoscopy repairs.

Specializing in Flexible Endoscope Repairs

Our technicians have over 15 years of experience in these repairs and they know how to make sure your flexible endoscopy repairs are up to OEM standards every time. No matter what flexible endoscope repair is needed, we offer what you are looking for, quality in all our parts, fast turnaround time, and prices that fit your budget.

Flexble Endoscope Service and Repair Capabilities

We service, repair and support all major brand scopes including:

• High Definition scopes

• Small Diameter scopes( which include bronchoscopes, cystoscope and laryngoscopes, etc.)

One day turnaround for minor repairs from approval 1 – 5 day turnaround times from approval for major repair


Video Gastroscopes

Video Duodenoscopes

Video Enteroscope

Video Sigmoidoscope

Video Colonoscopes

Video Bronchoscopes

Video Pleurascope (Medical Thoracoscopy)

Video Choledochoscope

Fibre Gastroscopes

Fibre Duodenoscopes

Fibre Sigmoidoscope

Fibre Colonoscopes

Fibre Bronchoscopes



Tracheal Intubation Scope

EndoEYE Laparoscopes




Tracheal Intubation Scopes




Bending Rubber Replaced

C-Cover Replaced

Light Guide Lens Replaced

Objective Repaired (Negative Lens Replaced)

Air/ Water Nozzle

Air/water Channel Replaced in Insertion Tube / Light Guide Tube

Biopsy Channel Replaced

Suction Channel Replaced in Light Guide Tube

Auxiliary Channel Replaced

Elevator Irrigation Channel Replaced

Light Guide Fiber Bundle Replaced

Insertion Tube Mounting Bracket Replaced

Insertion Tube Boot Replaced

Insertion Tube Replaced

Insertion Tube Dent Removed

Boot Extender Installed

Light Guide Tube Replaced (Fiberscope)

Light Guide Tube Replaced (Video)

Light Guide Tube Dent Removed

Light Guide Tube Boot Replaced @ Control Body

Light Guide Tube Boot Replaced @ Electrical Connector


Flexible Endoscopy Repairs Con’t

Right/Left Knob Internal Repair

Right/Left Control Knob Replaced

Up/Down Knob Internal Repair

Up/Down Control Knob Replaced

Switch #1 Replaced

Switch Wire Replaced

Switch #4 Repaired/ Replaced

Switch Head Repaired/ Replaced

Angulations Adjusted w/Stoppers

Bending Section Mesh Replaced

Bending Section Replaced

Coil Pipe Replaced

Angulations wire Replaced

Angulations System Overhauled w/Angulations Wire and Coil Pipe Replace/Mesh

Electrical Connector Overhauled

Video Pin (4) or more (Burndy) Replaced

ETO Valve Assembly Replaced

CCD chip replaced*

* Limitations only possible in rare events that a CCD chip can’t be repaired and replacement can’t be found in a timely manner.