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Minnesota School Uses Interquest to Deter Potential Gun Violence


CROOKSTON, Minn. (Valley News Live) The possibility of a school shooting is a parent’s worst nightmare.
However, at Crookston High School they’ve added a new layer of security to keep firearms and ammunition out of the school and off school property.
Crookston has enlisted the help of a specially trained dog.
Schools in Fargo and Grand Forks occasionally have police dogs search for drugs. It’s hoped to act as a deterrent. But, here at Crookston High School… they’ve contracted with Interquest Detection Canines. Company officials say their dogs can also find firearms, ammunition and alcohol.
Chris Bates, Supt. Crookston Schools: “Those dogs happen to be trained in firearms or firearm detection and so, it wasn’t a conscious thing. But I think it’s an extra piece of the information the canines can provide us.”
Sarah Fox of Interquest Detection Canines in Wadena says, their company is growing by leaps and bounds.
Sarah Fox, Interquest Detection Canines: “I started out with no schools, when I first started 14-years ago. I have over 100 school districts that utilize our service now, across northern Minnesota.”
During a recent sweep of Crookston High School and the parking lot, the Interquest canine picked up on 2 empty shotgun shells in the back of a pickup. Students were given a reminder that guns and ammunition are not allowed anywhere on school property.
Chris Bates, Supt. Crookston Schools: “They’re hunters. If there is something on the property that shouldn’t be, it’s probably an oversight. But, yes. People want to know we’re taking the necessary steps to provide safety for their kids.”
Superintendent Bates won’t say how many… but he says students can expect several surprise visits by Interquest Detection Canines during the school year.
Interquest Detection Canines of Wadena serves northern Minnesota. But, it’s part of a nationwide franchise operation.

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