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May Newsletter! Summer’s Coming

Summer’s Coming!   Warm weather and pool time is right around the corner. Have a great summer and we’ll see you next school year. We are still available for your summer school needs, call us or visit our website to schedule service!  Our nationwide teams will be convening in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, San Diego and Turlock. Over 60 dog and handler teams will join together at our annual Interquest Summer …Read More

April Newsletter. Promethazine with Codeine, Dangers of Dogs in Hot Cars

Promethazine with Codeine in Baby Bottles Promethazine/Codeine combo is a commonly abused substance. It has a sedative effect and can be dangerous in large doses. An Interquest search recently revealed the substance in combination with baby bottles. It was discovered that this is a common method of ingestion to prevent the user from drinking too much, too fast. For more info, click HERE. As the weather starts to heat up, here is …Read More

March Newsletter! Vaping Narcotics, Drug Seizure

Using Common Glycerin to Vape Narcotics Did you know that it is easy to make e-cigarette liquid containing narcotics, such as heroin, meth, LSD, and pill form prescriptions at home by dissolving the substance into the glycerin, and using the liquid in an e-cigarette or vaporizer? Marijuana, tobacco and other herbs can be infused by seeping into the glycerin. For more information, click HERE. “K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools …Read More

Interquest of Tennessee in the News!

Original article from the Advocate and Democrat, can be seen here.   The Monroe County School System has gone to the dogs…literally. Last fall, the school system entered into an agreement with Interquest Detection Canines, Inc. (IDC), to provide trained detection canines to conduct random, unannounced inspections of the school district campuses. According to Rocky Montgomery, IDC, based out of Houston, Texas, has been providing trained canines to school systems …Read More

February Newsletter. Marijuana Keif, Lipstick Pipe, Flashback!

Kief is the trichome or “hair” of the mature marijuana plant. It is primarily used for making hash, but it can also be smoked or used for cooking edibles. For more info, click here. Kief find by an Interquest K-9 “K-9 Korner” Actual Finds in Schools by Interquest Canines  Marijuana pipe in form of lipstick   Flashback to 1988! Owner, Debbie Farmer all dressed up for a trade show. Mon. Feb 15, …Read More

January Newsletter. Liquid THC and Vaporizers

Liquid THC and Vaporizers  Liquid THC is the preferred option of ingestion for many marijuana users. According to the website,liquidweed.org, it is easy to consume, difficult to smell and easier to transport than traditional marijuana. It is readily available online, and it’s possible to make it at home. This is an actual recent Interquest K9 find. Vapor pens used for consuming THC liquid. These “pens” are powered by a small lithium battery and …Read More

Interquest in the News! Interquest of Montana

As reposted from The Big Fork Eagle. Original article can be viewed HERE. A couple of notes regarding the article: Our dogs are NOT trained on tobacco, and schools do not go into “lockdown” when canines are on campus. Our canines are trained to work effectively during regular class schedules.    A black lab with a graying muzzle ran through the Bigfork high school library at the last school board …Read More